Private Detective Services Chicago & Suburbs


Hiring an investigator might be the difference between failure and success in your endeavor.

At B.S. Kamenear & Company LLC, we often find that our mystery shopping services and our detective services are complementary to one another, and this is definitely true for our interview and interrogation services. Our background in detective work and in assessing employees as secret shoppers has given us a unique perspective on the nature of trust and distrust in the workplace. When you have an inkling that there might be theft, fraud, or subversive activities in your workplace, you need interview services that are discrete and professional.

Our interview and interrogation services come in a variety of packages, from written lie detection testing to selective interviewing that we use to select dishonest employee suspects from those who are innocent. Our high level of skill and perception in understanding human behavior is very valuable as we survey staff for signs of fraudulent and dishonest behavior. If your investigation has already progressed from its early stages, we are also able to work with law enforcement and prosecution to ensure that your case is as strong as possible.

No one counts on fraud or deception happening in their workplace. But if and when it does, Berney Kamenear supplies the know-how that really makes the difference in counseling employers on what next steps toward warnings, termination, or prosecution they can take to keep the workplace secure.

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