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B.S. Kamenear's very high success rate of our process servers is one of many reasons we have so many happy repeat customers.

Berny is one of Chicago and the suburbs’ most esteemed process servers, favored by attorneys in the area for years for our expedient service, extremely high completion rate, and understanding of how important good process serving is to lawsuits. Whether it’s filing court papers, serving legal documents, or retrieving documents, our process serving is quick, professional, and respectful.

Berny realizes that the process of serving papers can often be a challenging one – it’s a rare person indeed who enjoys being served. What differentiates our process serving services is our security and detective background, which allows us to complete and track your process serving in a timely manner. It’s these skills that set us apart from other process servers in the Chicagoland area and makes us the go-to process serving specialists that Chicago’s top attorneys and legal teams seek out on even the toughest process serving cases.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a process server who is both tough and sensitive to the importance of process serving, pick up the phone or send out an email to get in touch with Chicago’s foremost process serving expert, Berny. You definitely won’t regret it.

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