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``There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.`` Sam Walton

The hospitality industry is truly our passion at B.S. Kamenear & Company LLC. Whether it’s ensuring that restaurant customers are getting the best food possible or whether bar-goers are getting the best service possible, we pride ourselves on truly understanding what customers are looking for when they go out to eat or drink. More than that, we understand both the state health regulations bars and restaurants need to comply with and the challenges that management and owners can face in ensuring they are getting accurate and professional feedback on what their clientele is experiencing.

Engaging the services of a hospitality consultant is extremely beneficial to bars, hotels and restaurants. Mystery shoppers offer the outsider perspective on what you can do to make sure that your customers are getting only the best. Our clients often experience a chain reaction of word-of-mouth that gets new customers coming in the door and retains the loyalty of the customers they already have.

Remember, Berny Kamenear doesn’t provide your typical, randomly-selected mystery shopper. With decades of professional experience in detective work, the military, and teaching in addition to secret shopping for the hospitality industry, Berny Kamenear outdoes the competition in professionalism, discretion, and attention to detail. Our process is professional and thorough. Depending on your specifications and any state or industry standards, your business needs to meet, our mystery shopping will focus on examining general qualities such as environment and overall cleanliness, but also specifics such as how customers are greeted. This is how provide the most detailed and consistent hospitality assessments in the Chicago land area.

All sorts of businesses can benefit from our hospitality consulting services, but we’ve found them to be especially useful to restaurants, hotels, bars, night clubs, and gyms. In the past, we’ve given restaurants secret shopper feedback on health codes, consulted with bars to make sure their staff aren’t overpouring drinks, helped night clubs to ensure that their customers are leaving happy, and tested out gyms to make sure equipment is working properly. With a hospitality consultant working on your side, you can take your customer service improvements and regulations compliance to the next level.

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    • Licensed to provide mystery shopping services in Illinois
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    • Monitor & observe employees, procedures and help protect your brand
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    • Review your establishment for safety, cleanliness and standards
    • Test your products for quality and customer satisfaction
    • Check for policies and procedure enforcement
    • Compile highly detailed reports pinpointing problem areas