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``Every $1 invested in workers compensation anti-fraud efforts has returned $6.17, or $260.3 million total in 2006-2007.`` - California Insurance Department

At B.S. Kamenear LLC, we know that employers want to trust their employees. However, we also know that, for the sake of a business’ financial and social health, it’s important to ensure that employees and management alike are conducting themselves in an ethical manner and in accordance with both corporate rules and the law. When you face yourself with the suspicion that someone at work might be committing insurance fraud, you need an insurance fraud specialist to investigate right away to save yourself both financial and reputational capital.

Our fraud and workman’s comp investigation services are discrete as needed and bold as needed. We have years of experience in not only these types of corporate investigates, but also in security and detective work that has honed our skills of perception to not only a science, but an art. We will deftly investigate workman’s comp and insurance fraud, provide a basis for terminating a dishonest employee, and serve any other needs you may have in making sure your business stays free of fraud from the inside out.

You can never be too careful in entrusting sensitive investigations to a detective or fraud consultant. Why not let one of the most experienced and preferred detectives in Chicago land area take care of business for you?

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