Investigative Services For Chicago & Suburbs


Our investigators can help ensure that victims have the evidence they need to prove what really happened in an car accident.

The implications of a car accident extend far beyond the initial incident: there are often insurance claims to deal with, medical and even psychological bills to pay, license suspensions to overcome, and other fines and legal fees that have to be considered. And, unfortunately, sometimes these come as a result of unfounded claims. Many individual drivers and businesses as well have fallen prey to the legal system and the insurance companies because they do not take advantage of a detective’s accident investigation services.

Berny accident investigation services have been helping Chicagoland’s drivers to get to the bottom of their vehicular accidents for years. In uncovering the truth of what has really happened in a car accident, we have been successfully able to avoid criminal lawsuits and charges as well as fines and suspensions for a large number of clients in the city and the suburbs. We meticulously rebuild the incident through interviews and physical analyses, finding the truth behind what truly occurred before, during, and in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Finding yourself in the midst of a car accident can be confusing and overwhelming. To ensure that you deal with it in the most professional way possible, it’s important to have an advocate in your corner with years of experience. That advocate is Berny.

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