B.S. Kamenear has decades of experience


``Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.`` Sally Gronow

Lead investigator and hospitality consultant Berny S. Kamenear is the founder of B.S. Kamenear & Company LLC. With decades of professional experience to his credit, Berny utilizes his background in a range of industries and positions to provide Chicago and the suburbs with the best mystery shopping and detective services possible.

Berny Kamenear’s background in both security and in teaching position shows his ability to communicate well with people as well as his superior skills of perception. He also brings to the table executive experience, which allows him to understand firsthand the challenges that managers and owners of bars, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, private clubs and other hospitality-industry businesses face: since 1985, Berny has served as Executive Vice President of of several agencies in the hotel and restaurant division as well as general operation manager. This specific hospitality industry knowledge makes him stand out from and above other hospitality mystery shoppers.

As an investigator, Berny Kamenear brings his extensive background and sense of precision as assets to his clients. A combined 10 years working with respected investigators including Lloyd’s Detective Agency in the late 80’s, J.K. Guardian Security Services and Burns International Security Services as well as decades of experience as a freelancer have proven his ability to astutely investigate everything from insurance fraud and accidents to workman’s comp and suspects. Berny Kamenear is also an active ILEETA member and continues ongoing education into security, hospitality and investigating.

With 30 years of experience in security, mystery shopping, and observations, Berny Kamenear brings clients far more experience and competency than the majority of secret shoppers and investigators in the business. You know what they say: “Practice makes perfect”.

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    • Licensed to provide mystery shopping services in Illinois
    • 35 Years of combined experience in evaluating and investigations
    • Monitor & observe employees, procedures and help protect your brand
    • State Health Certified
    • Review your establishment for safety, cleanliness and standards
    • Test your products for quality and customer satisfaction
    • Check for policies and procedure enforcement
    • Compile highly detailed reports pinpointing problem areas