Our mystery shoppers evaluate the entire hotel experience, from friendliness to cleanliness.


We are nightclub and bar insiders. Our mystery shoppers see things others don’t.  


Are your diners getting the best possible food, cleanliness and service? We find out!

health clubs

From equipment to trainers to cleanliness, we evaluate every aspect of your club operations

Mystery shoppers help increase sales & customer retention

for restaurants & hospitality businesses.

In the digital age, customers have more opportunities than ever to sound off on what they think about your business. “Word of mouth” is no longer just the ever-important conversations they have: it’s online reviews and social media chatter, too. Good reviews still spread, but both good and bad spread twice as fast. That’s why it’s more important than ever for business owners and managers to understand what customers are saying about their experience in bars and restaurants.

B.S. Kamenear & Company LLC. is the premiere food industry consultants in Chicago and the suburbs. With decades of experience as mystery shoppers observation service in restaurants, hotels, and bars, their reviews of restaurants and bars are known to help owners and managers to decrease cost, increase sales, and retain customers. When you know what’s being said and how the customer experience is being delivered, you can build something extraordinary for your customers and something profitable for yourself.

B.S. Kamenear & Company LLC’s hospitality consulting stands apart from other consultants in the Chicagoland area. Why? For starters, they bring more experience to the table – literally, in the case of restaurants and bars! Their approach to mystery shopping and hospitality consulting is truly professional, analytical, and detail-oriented.

Working under licensed detective agencies, B.S. Kamenear & Company LLC. can help you determine that’s truly happening in your restaurant or bar in terms of customer experience. More than that, they will tailor fit their exploration of your restaurant and bar to your industry, company policies and procedures, and your personal list of concerns, if any. And, as holders of a state health certificate, Berny Kamenear is qualified to report to you on important health standards in addition to consulting on hospitality improvements.

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